Presentation Training and Coaching

McGee+Associates offers a presentation/communications improvement workshop for small groups and individuals; customized coaching for individuals; and customized programs for large groups. Programs are tailored to client needs and training is geared to the individual as much as possible. Video playback and coaching are fundamental to the learning process. Since content and packaging affect performance and vice-versa, both are addressed in the sessions, although one may be given more attention depending on the needs of the client.

Presentation/communications objectives

At the end of a session participants should be able to:

  • Apply learnings immediately to improve performance.
  • Understand methods to continue to improve performance and feel comfortable performing.
  • Identify their own strengths to build on and weaknesses to work on.  

Expected skill development

  • Communication preparation (critical techniques especially important for working with content and packaging developed by someone else)
  • Content development and packaging
  • Performance

Program – to be tailored to needs, but usually includes two parts –

First Part:

  • Performance
  • Introductory discussion about experience and individual goals for the session
  • Review of the goal of the overall presentation (audience expectations/needs; application of the presentation to those needs; the presenter’s mindset)
  • First practice session. The presentations (in whole or in part), with “audience” questions following are taped and played back with constructive critique.
  • Interactive discussion of key elements of communications not covered during first critique, including how the audience receives information, how to guide the receiver to better acceptance of the information, and how non-verbal and verbal communication work together.

Second Part:

  • Presentation and “audience” questions injected during presentation, followed by video replay and critique.
  • Discussion of group interactions – between presenters and with audience
  • Recap of key learnings from both session parts with discussion of what each participant should build on and improve in both content and performance.


The above training session is usually three hours and limited to no more than three participants. One on one coaching can involve an undetermined number of sessions, for instance, as preparation for presentations. Or the program can involve a set number of sessions to bring the trainee to a level of performance that he/she then builds on in future.


On request


McGee+Associates finds it acceptable to work in a client’s facility providing all necessary supporting elements are present (projection, lectern if normally used, etc.). Since it is desirable to have presenters performing in an environment that approximates where they would normally perform, their own boardroom is most often just such a facility. A rented facility is also acceptable on the same terms.


Participants must bring a presentation that they have given in the past (and have refreshed their familiarity with) or are about to give and have reviewed and practiced. If they use PowerPoint or other visuals that needs to be accommodated e.g.: projector. A lectern needs to be arranged if that is a standard part of a presentation. A TV or video monitor with AV inputs and a flipchart with pens are needed for instruction.