“The interview was simply terrific. He was well-prepared, on message and couldn’t have delivered better – so much so that the reporter sent an email right after with the title ‘Soooo good!’…We simply would not achieve such excellent results as the Globe piece without your collaboration and unexcelled expertise. We are as grateful as ever.” SVP Communications, Canadian FP 50 company

“Patrick, (my SVP Communications) thought I was going to come over the table at you –  and so did I at one point!! It got me ready and I remembered what you said about being strong on strategy statements. Thanks for your help and support.”  President and CEO, major Canadian bank

 “We were really pleased with his (CEO’s) Canada AM performance. He said even his mother thought he had done a great job, and as he put it, mothers don’t have to lie to their children.  And he did a terrific job with an ROB-TV interview later in the day — ignored the interviewer’s last question completely to tell him about our new acquisition.  It was a thing of beauty.  I don’t think the journalist quite knew what had hit him. Thank you. Your coaching was invaluable.”  Director of Communications, Canadian financial products company

“4. How do you rate the instructor?  poor 1     2     3     4     5 v. good

Comment: He was great; practical, no nonsense, able to talk like a business person and a journalist equally well.  I felt he knew very well what the journalist would be thinking during an interview.” Managing Director and Country Head, international financial services company


“Thank you very much for your help during some very stressful times during this past 10 days.  Your advice and guidance with (X and Y) helped them face some very unhappy, and sometimes aggressive media types.  (Y) repeatedly mentioned how much she appreciated your counsel.  I hope we never have to face something like this again, but if we do I know where I am turning for help.” Communications Officer, top ten Canadian public company

“I’m sending a note, somewhat belated I’m afraid, to thank you for the media training session.  Notwithstanding my vocal resistance to role playing exercises, I enjoyed the session and found your comments very useful.” Senior Litigator, regulatory agency

“I would like to thank you for the informative communications training session you led us through this morning.  The session was filled with good information and strong tools for preparing and responding to media inquiries.  In addition, I believe the tools will aid in internal communication, client liaison, formal and informal business meetings and general conversation management.  I look forward to practicing and using the techniques you presented.” Senior Manager (M. Eng.), Canadian financial institution

“Thanks Pat. I really appreciate the advice you have given me through the years. Your idea to use the word ‘innovative’ for this interview stuck with me and seemed to work very well.”CFO, top 50 Canadian company

“I just wanted to let you know I had a brief chat today with (W) who was very impressed with the media training session and your approach.  She thought you spoke a language that participants (VPs) understood, and that the concept of speaking to media with a client-point-of-view was new for some of the folks and tremendously helpful.” Communications Advisor, top 50 financial institution

 “Very good, to the point, easy to understand and good coaching.  Time well spent for me.”Managing Director & Regional Head, capital markets financial services group

“It was a highly-impactful session that delivered a lot of value. We were all very impressed and appreciative of the info and tips that you provided. We look forward to working with you more often.” Director, Corporate Affairs, financial services company

“You were whisked away before I could convey my gratitude for a terrific session today. The entire team was pumped and felt sooo good after training with you. I learned so much and felt completely reenergized. Un gros merci!” Director, Media Relations, leading national distribution company

 “I thought you’d get a kick out of X’s experience with a recent media interaction: ‘Was just interviewed – stuck to the two lines. I used that great technique – but I want to step back for a moment and give you some context. It is an internal matter, and we are working with our employees to resolve the issue. That’s the first time I got to use Pat’s line!  I know I should not be happy given the circumstances – but it worked like a charm!’ And when I called her laughing, she indicated that she ended the interview (after repeating her two lines in about 20 different ways) with ‘Would you like me to spell my name for you?’ Thanks again for the great training – it’s proving quite useful every day.” Director, Media Relations, national distribution company

“I thought the session was very useful. This is the second time that I have done the training with Pat and I found that I learned new techniques each time. There was a focus this session on developing the framework of the problem, the general statements and solutions and this is something that I will use going forward.” Branch Director, regulator

“I thought that the training today was really good. Actually using the model helps to make it more concrete for me and so I can better apply it later on. Really enjoyed it.” Branch Manager, regulator

“I thought Pat was terrific. He did his homework or is quick on his feet because he certainly grasped the essence of (the issue) and provided incredibly helpful feedback. I found it extremely helpful.” Branch Director, regulator

“Just a very quick note to express my thanks for your training last week.
Clearly you are expert and very experienced in your business.
It was very interesting and informative and I am sure that it will be of great use in my everyday work as well as on the, hopefully infrequent, occasions that I am in contact with the media.” VP Development, Caribbean real-estate development company

“The feedback to the session was great.  Everyone liked hearing from you what things they need to consider to make the interview one that will benefit all parties and James, who has given an interview recently, during our discussion, raised a number of the points you provided.  It was great for me to get the validation for many of the points I make with them and also to refresh things that I have forgotten over time.” Senior Manager, Communications, financial services association.

“Do want to thank you for everything you did for us, getting us ready for the storm.  X and Y could not have done better, and Z’s deep dive with the Star and Globe set us up for success. All because of you. I wish I had money for every time X said to a reporter ‘but that just doesn’t make sense…’ Your ‘premise challenge’ executed perfectly.” Vice President, major Canadian enterprise in labour dispute.